Stapleton Man Refusing to Host Gatherings Still Expects Others to Invite Him

man won't host guestsScott Strassburg enjoys being social and getting together with neighbors and friends. He will meet them at restaurants, bars, parks, house parties, and basically anywhere. That is, except his own house. “It’s not that I don’t like people, I just don’t want them in my house,” said Strassburg. “A lot of times they want to bring their kids. Have you seen what kids do to houses? They destroy them. Plus, I have to stress about what I have to get everyone to eat, drink, and so on. Then, there’s pre-hosting cleaning and post-hosting cleaning. It’s just a lot of stuff to do just to have a home game.” Strassburg says that he is flexible when it comes to small gatherings. “If it’s just a couple of the neighbor dudes without kids to watch a game, I’m totally in. It’s just the idea of having to put work and thought into it. Why add unnecessary stress?” Strassburg admits that although he refuses to ever host, he expects to continue to be invited to other parties. “I still think I’m a good enough guest that even though I don’t invite people to my place, I should still be invited to parties.”

Friends and neighbors have certainly noticed Strassburg’s lack of interest in having guests. “We have gatherings all the time,” said neighbor Rob Keating. “And of course, he comes over and brings his family. But, no, pretty sure we’ve never all been at his place at one time.” Friend Greg Johnson also doesn’t recall ever being invited to Strassburg’s for a gathering. “I can’t imagine a scenario where Scott would ever consider having other people over,” said Johnson. “He has no problem bringing his crew anywhere, but God forbid he ever host anything. That’s just Scott. He’s kind of a dick in that way.” Scott doesn’t plan to make any changes in regards to hosting a party until his friends’ kids get much, much older. “I can’t have a big group of young kids systematically destroying my house going room to room. No thank you. I’ll wait until they just sit around watching movies or playing video games. But until then, I welcome all invites.”

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