Stapleton Man Doesn’t Have Energy to Discuss Home Furnishings with Wife

man lacks energy to discuss house furnishingsAfter recently seeing a friend’s house, Sara Helman decided she wants to completely replace many of the furnishings in her home. “The look of our living room, which includes the couch, love seat, and ottoman, just needs to be updated,” said Helman. “I love what Lisa did with their place and I think we could do something similar, but with the feel of our family, if you know what I mean.” We don’t, and apparently, Sara’s husband Brian doesn’t either. “I’m totally fine with how things are right now,” said Brian. “I’m not sure why things need to change.” Brian would prefer to make any changes after the kids are out of the house. “Why get new stuff for the kids to destroy? That’s what they are going to do. You know it, I know it. But, she wants to talk about it, and I’m just not ready for it.”

Last weekend, Sara decided to do some browsing on her phone in regards to furnishings. “I just like to see what options are out there,” said Sara. Sara decided to use her online shopping to discuss options with Brian. “Brian has great opinions, and it gives us something to talk about. We’ve been together for almost 13 years, so we’re running out of topics. This gives us a topic, you know.” Unfortunately for Sara, Brian wasn’t up to the task. “Maybe she caught me at a bad time, 24 minutes after I sat down on a Friday with a beer in my hand, but I simply didn’t have the vigor to sit there and discuss floor rugs with her. I felt bad, a little, but there was no chance I was going to survive that discussion. So, I just had to tell her.” Which didn’t go well with Sara. “We hardly talk about anything but the kids, so I thought it was a good chance for us to share ideas,” said Sara. “Apparently, Brian isn’t as interested in making our house a nice place to be in as I am.” Brian eventually agreed to look at random rugs and couches he didn’t give a fuck about, which potentially extended their marriage another four years. “As usual, he had good feedback,” said Sara. “I think we are going to make this living room in to a place where we actually want to have guests over.” According to Brian, he just wants the couch to be a comfortable place to lay down. And when he finally has the energy, he’ll discuss floor rugs.

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