Stapleton King Soopers to Add Dispensary in Organic Foods Section

The vastly improved Stapleton King Soopers continues to make positive additions to the store as planning has begun to add a “medical” marijuana dispensary to the location. “We have listened to our customers, and it is something that is in great need since the other location on Central Park Blvd. never happened,” says manager Gary Stevens. “I know for that location, proximity to a school and crime were of concerns. At our location, the crime can’t really get worse, and we really aren’t that close to any of the Denver Public Schools.”

Stevens feels that customers from Stapleton will appreciate the new offering, as King Soopers gets closer to becoming a one-stop shop. “Stapleton residents can now come in and purchase diapers, get a coffee for the morning, and then pick up their weed to cope with the kids later in the afternoon. It’s really a no brainer.”

The dispensary isn’t just a good fit for Stapleton residents. “We get a lot of Park Hill residents and we know they need their medical marijuana just like Stapleton residents do,” says Stevens. “Plus, we are close to Aurora, and this gives them easy access to a trusted brand name for their medicinal needs.”

The plans are for the dispensary to be located close to the front of the store near the organic fruits and vegetables. That way, shoppers can pick up their weed, then walk through the store grabbing all the items they may have a craving for later that day. “We definitely feel this will be positive in regards to our overall food sales,” says Stevens. The dispensary is slated for opening in early November.

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2 responses to “Stapleton King Soopers to Add Dispensary in Organic Foods Section”

  1. Penelope Sanchez

    Let’s all just cave to the potheads (most) who are lazy, don’t work, stoners who only care about getting stoned all day long. There’s those low-life’s who have that entitlement attitude. It’s all about greed! Crime can’t get any worse in that neighborhood? Wow, what an attitude…don’t focus on cleaning up the neighborhood, just make it worse. Good job!

  2. Jackie

    This subscription is going to take years off my life. I am rolling on the floor laughing. I do not know who the staff writers are but they are awesome. I think you all are good enough for SNL; really.

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