Stapleton King Soopers Looks for New Slogan

King Soopers: When Maxi-Pads and Beer ARE the Emergency

King Soopers has long had the simple and to the point slogan, “Right Store. Right Price.” It has been around for over a decade and has remained a strong statement about who the corporation is. Recently, the Stapleton King Soopers has made several changes, and although they still associate with the corporate slogan, they are looking to make a statement specific to their store.

Manager Gary Stevens explains. “We will always be a part of the corporate environment,” says Stevens. “But we feel we have done some things that make us unique as a King Soopers, and unique as a grocery store.” Gary says they have not settled on a slogan that will define the Stapleton King Soopers moving forward, but shared some they are looking at with The Stapletonion. Gary mentions they are looking for help from the Stapleton community, and those that submit good ideas will receive a Stapletonion tee shirt, and some fresh fruit from King Soopers, whenever they get some in. Here are some of the current contenders:

  • King Soopers: That Trip that Used to Take Ten Minutes, Now Takes 45
  • King Soopers: Sorry, Guys. We’re Just Not Whole Foods
  • King Soopers: Our Fruits & Veggies Stay Fresh all the Way to Your Garage
  • King Soopers: Open All Night. You Probably Won’t Even Get Mugged
  • King Soopers: We Can Sometimes Help You Find What You’re Looking For
  • King Soopers: Because You’re NEVER Getting Another Grocery Store
  • King Soopers: The Same Store, but Kinda Different
  • King Soopers: We’re Not Even Sure What’s Going on Here

The Stapletonion will post the best King Soopers Slogan ideas in the next issue and you will receive a free Stapletonion tee shirt. Email ideas to

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3 responses to “Stapleton King Soopers Looks for New Slogan”

  1. CindyB

    Here are some King Soopers slogans I could think up (late at night while suffering from insomnia):

    Check out our new and revolutionary “Random Isle” method for stocking groceries!
    Come for the brownish beef, stay for the long gas lines!
    Miss your work out today? We guarantee you’ll be walking around here for hours!
    Readable isle signs are for sissies!!
    Where you no longer have to walk that extra half block for a cup of Starbucks coffee!

  2. Nicole M

    I vote: “King Soopers: Because You’re NEVER Getting Another Grocery Store”

    –despairing in Eastbridge

  3. Margret Dugan

    Welcome to Stapleton Sahara West – King Soopers best food desert in Denver.

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