Stapleton Golf Cart Owners Missing True Spirit of Pokémon GO

pokemon goThe hit new game Pokémon GO is a free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game that has been downloaded over 100 million times and is being played by people all over the country. With Stapleton’s massive “tween” population, hundreds of Stapleton kids are out and about playing the game. Many parents, however, don’t seem to mind. “The game is nice because it makes kids get out of the house and run, walk, or ride their bike to do whatever they are doing in that game,” said parent Amy Clinton. “Kids are out exploring, instead of sitting still on the couch for three hours like they normally do.” Parent Kalyn Closson also is okay with her kids playing the game. “Instead of sitting around texting people all day, they compete with them by getting out of the house,” said Closson. “It’s great to not have to yell at my kids to get outside. With this new game, regardless of how ridiculous it is, at least they’re not in the house.”

As with anything in Stapleton, things can get competitive. “Kids definitely talk to each other to let them know how well they are doing or how far they are in the game or whatever,” said Clinton. “I think being competitive is healthy, so that really doesn’t bother me.” Stapleton dad John Carman is happy kids are out of the house, but wishes they would redirect their energy. “Why aren’t they playing football, baseball, or basketball?” asks Carman. “Who cares how many pokey thingys you get. That’s really meaningless. Do some damn pushups, for Christ’s sake.” The game is definitely the latest fad, and doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. In fact, some parents have taken exception to some Stapleton kids who aren’t competing within the spirit of the game. “There are kids driving around on their parents’ golf carts,” said Closson. “The idea was to get the kids out there moving around, running, biking, skateboarding, or whatever. But these kids are cheating the system, driving around, dangerously I might add, collecting Poke points and beating my kids who are out there earning it riding bikes. It needs to stop.”

Most would agree that using a golf cart to collect points is neither safe, nor within the spirit of the game. However, at least one parent of a child using the golf cart disagrees. “The spirit of the game is to collect the most Poke things, right?” said resident and golf cart owner. “And my kid and his friends are crushing it. I mean, they show me how many points they are getting or whatever and I tell them to take the cart as long as they want, as long as they keep winning. And drive safe of course.” There are no official rules on what you can use to play the game, it is up to the individual player. “I would just think that there would be some honor in the game,” said Closson. There are others, however, who believe once you start playing the game, you’ve lost all of your honor.

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