Stapleton Garage Sale Boasts World’s Sixth Largest GDP

The Stapleton garage sale has become bigger every year. It is becoming more organized, with more items, and consumers are flocking to it from all over the world. This year, over 7,000 Stapleton homes sold items ranging from SUV’s to match box cars. “It was another great event,” said consumer Marie Wilson. “We spent about $700, but we probably saved about $2500 on items that we needed to get.”

The Stapleton garage sale is known for its perfect blend of Mexican prices and American consumerism. “You can get so many great used things,” said resident shopper Angie Schall. “And you know that the items were taken care of because they were owned by other great Stapleton residents.” This year, just over 2.5 trillion dollars exchanged hands, putting the Stapleton garage sale GDP just ahead of Brazil for the sixth largest in the world. Event organizers believe it can get even bigger and better. “We think there is a really good chance we can pass France next year,” said organizer Don Zarifis. “They have a faltering economy, and with Stapleton’s continued growth and increased event traffic, we should get there.”

There is some concern that the IRS is starting to take notice of the huge amounts of money exchanging hands during the two day sale. “Technically, that money should be counted as extra income,” said University of Colorado tax professor Brian McAllister. “Although the Stapleton GDP makes it appear as if it is its own country, it is not, so it is still bound by the same federal tax laws of every other state. When you look at the numbers, the United States appears to be missing out on about half a trillion dollars. The country could really use that money.”

Organizers say that what the IRS does will not affect the annual event. “What the IRS and individuals decide in regards to taxing will have no change how we are doing things,” says Zarifis. “Our goal is to encourage as many residents to sell as many great items at low prices as they can. It is that simple.” No matter what changes are made to the community-wide garage sale, it is unlikely that its 250,000 annual shoppers will stop attending. “There is no other place you can get deals like this,” said Wilson. “We plan our summer vacations around it.”

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