Stapleton Four Year Old Eats Dinner Without Having to be Yelled at Whole Time

4 year old eats dinnerBeau Schwab is like most four year old kids when it comes to eating. If it’s not the actual time to eat, he eats just fine. He’s great with snacks and treats throughout the day, but when he sits down for a meal, it takes constant yelling and prodding to get him to eat anything. “It can be extremely frustrating said Beau’s mom Kara. “We will even ask him what he wants, give him that, and still, it’s a fight to get that little bastard to take a bite.” The Schwab’s seem to try everything. “We will play games, try bribes, threats, nothing seems to be effective,” said Beau’s father Grant. “We even explain to him there are kids who don’t have any food so he should be grateful. Apparently, he doesn’t seem to care about those kids.” The Schwab’s know it is nothing wrong with them as parents, but it is still frustrating. “Every other parent of a four year old we know goes through the same thing,” said Kara. “That doesn’t make it any less painful, however.”

Last Tuesday night, something improbable happened. Beau sat down for dinner and ate his food without yelling, prodding, cheering, or negotiations. “It was really amazing,” said Kara. “We had never seen him do that before, so we were just dumbfounded.” Grant was equally impressed with what he saw. “We kind of just sat there silent, not saying anything,” said Grant. “It was a lot like trying not to jinx a no hitter. We waited until two hours after dinner to even congratulate him on what he had done. Really extraordinary.” Kara says there was nothing special about the dinner. “We had spaghetti and meatballs,” said Kara. “Which we have eaten several times before and have had to go through the normal painstaking process of begging him to get him to eat.” Kara said she doesn’t expect to have the event repeat itself. “That might be a lot to ask for. But we will be absolutely thrilled if it somehow does happen again.”

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