Stapleton Finally Gets Own Weather Designation from Local News Teams

stapleton-weatherFor over a decade, Stapleton has been considered a neighborhood in the City of Denver. Stapletonians take pride in living in the city and do not want to be considered a suburb. However, this has caused lots of confusion in regards to weather. “If you read the paper or watch the news, I of course look at the Denver weather,” said Stapleton resident Sam Titus. “The problem is it is never even close to accurate. When I leave Stapleton, I feel like it ends up being correct, but the weather is always nicer in Stapleton. The Denver forecasts seemed to be right, but I always felt Stapleton needed its own forecast.” Resident Heather Adams agrees. “I’m a stay at home mom, and I can almost always just count on weather being perfect in Stapleton,” said Adams. “If I’m leaving the hood, I always look into how the weather is going to be, but you can pretty much bank on the weather in Stapleton being perfect.”

All three major local news networks realized this strange weather phenomenon was occurring and realized they needed to keep the growing Stapleton community accurately informed as to what was going on with their weather. “Our team has been studying this weather anomaly for a few years now,” said 9 News weather anchor Kathy Sabine. “We still don’t understand why the weather is so different in that small segment of the city, but we know it to be true. We feel an obligation to let that portion of our community know the correct weather.” Lauren Whitney’s team at CBS 4 went through the same process. “It is very unusual to have a pocket of an area behave completely different than the weather around it,” said Whitney. “However, because something is odd does not mean it is not occurring and should not be correctly reported.” Moving forward, Stapletonians will be able to easily see what the weather will be like in our community. Not that it matters that much. Looks like it will be sunny and gorgeous for years to come.

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One response to “Stapleton Finally Gets Own Weather Designation from Local News Teams”

  1. Jackie

    I knew it, I knew it! I always thought the weather forecasters were just lousy at their jobs, now I know the real reason their forecasts and our real weather were out of sync. Stapleton is SICK!!

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