Stapleton Farmers Market to Begin Charging For Parking

The Stapleton Farmer’s Market continues to bustle more and more every year. However, retailers aren’t always seeing the profits. Traffic continues to rise at the market, but most of the traffic is people going up to entertain the family and maybe get something to eat from the Biscuit Bus. “We go up almost every week we are in town,” said resident Kara Clinton. “However, most of it is just to let the kids run around while it is below 95 degrees. We rarely ever buy anything.”

According to the retailers, this seems to be the norm for many of the market’s visitors. “We have seen the traffic to the market increase dramatically year after year,” said vendor Seth White. “However, our revenues have seen little increase. It is kind of frustrating that people just come up to look around and let their kids play. Just spend $10 for goodness sakes.”

To help increase revenue for the market and keep retailers, the market is going to begin charging for parking, and then will be able to allow significantly lower rental prices for the vendors. “I think it is a great plan,” said White. “It will definitely make us feel better about spending our time and money up there. It is a great way to hold people accountable for just walking around and using the space that should be used for buying goods.”

Stapleton Farmer’s Market director Thom Ross believes this is the fairest thing to do. “We will make some money, and the retailers will make more money,” said Ross. “Plus, there is a chance less motivated buyers will show up and just use our space to walk around and socialize in.” Although residents don’t seem happy with the new plans for the market, they don’t feel it will change much. “We will still go,” said resident Barbara Lockie. “We will just probably bike instead, or not go as often.”

Patrons that actually do purchase stuff at the market are not as pleased. “They should at least figure out a way to validate parking for those that actually buy stuff,” said market-goer Sara Hansen. The Stapleton Farmer’s Market will be charging $20 per space beginning Sunday, June 30th.

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