Stapleton Family’s Record Run of No One Being Sick Ends at 13 Days

family ends run of not being sickRecords are meant to be broken, but unfortunately, aren’t meant to go on forever. The Montgomery family recently broke the unofficial Stapleton record of consecutive days of no one in the household being sick between November and March, formerly held by the Morrow family at 11 days. “Of course, we would have liked to have it to go on longer,” said father Dave Montgomery. “But, our kindergartner got sick, as did half of her class, so we ended a great run at 13 days.” Dave says it wasn’t anything special they were doing to keep a healthy household for so long. “You know, we eat pretty well, and try to keep the kids in a good routine,” said Dave. “We didn’t do any extra sanitizing or anything like that. I mean, a lot of it is just timing and luck. We aren’t superstitious, but after seven days, no one spoke of it. We didn’t want to jinx it.”

Wife Caroline says the record is great, but not having sick people in the house was even better. “It’s nice to have our name in the record books, for as long as it will be there,” said Caroline. “But not having to hear constant coughing, or running to the store to get medicine, crying kids, not being able to do anything because people are sick, these are the real benefits of the record. The recognition is great, but it’s the other stuff that’s the true bonus.” The Montgomery family says they look forward to their next streak. “When she gets better, we plan to start a new run,” said Dave. “You’re not always going to get the record, but we now know it’s possible. It’s out there. And we will be gunning for it.” The Montgomery family has until the end of March to break the record, at which point there is a significant drop off of colds and flues, and records are no longer kept.”

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