Stapleton Family Sells Playhouse on Swap Without Removing Asbestos

Kids PlayhouseThe Stevens family was looking for a small playhouse for their two year old and were thrilled when they found one on swap for just $20. “I came across it and was really excited about it,” said mother Rebecca. “It was exactly what we were looking for, and was only $20. I knew it was a good find when several people asked to be second on the list. We were overjoyed, and were certain our daughter would have a few really happy years in this house.” That elation, however, turned to anger after husband Garrett had the house undergo a routine inspection. “We paid to have the house inspected, just to make sure everything was in good standing,” said Garrett. “Turns out, the house is in pretty good order, unless you count the asbestos the previous owners never had removed.” When the Stevens found out about the asbestos, they were furious. “It’s terribly deceitful and irresponsible to be selling playhouses where the asbestos has not been removed,” said Rebecca. “We asked for the money back, but the sellers, the Clossons, refused, saying all sales were final on swap. It really puts us in a tough position.”

The Clossons don’t believe they did anything wrong. “We advertised the house ‘as is’ and that’s exactly what they got, the house ‘as is’ said Ryan Closson. “There is nothing on swap asking sellers to address every issue of their items they are selling. They could have asked for an inspection prior to purchase, but they didn’t. Also, for the deal we gave them, take that money you saved and have it removed.” Sarah Closson also believes the sale in no way was misleading. “We posted a picture of the house, said ‘as is’, sold the house, and moved on,” said Sarah. “Maybe they didn’t get exactly what they wanted, but that’s hardly on is.” Rebeca says she will be more careful moving forward when making purchases on swap. “Buyer beware, I guess. Buyer beware.”

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