Stapleton Family Plans to Have Vestibule Cleared Out by 2021

vestibuleIn a bold resolution, the Springer family has made plans to have their vestibule completely cleared off by the spring of 2021. The plan involved expert advice and planning, but the family feels it is something that can be accomplished if they stick to strict scheduling. “This was something we knew needed to be done,” said Melissa Springer. “It’s been building for quite some time, and now is the time we need to undue this burden that has been on all of us for years.” Husband Patrick says it won’t come easy. “This isn’t something we just stood up and said, ‘okay, let’s clean the vestibule.’ We’re not a family of miracle workers. This is going to take time, dedication, and hard work. We know what we are getting into.”

Over the years, random items have continued to be stockpiled in the vestibule, some coming and some going. But, that is not how Melissa envisioned the area when they first purchased the home. “You know, I thought it would be a place for some pretty flowers, and maybe a couple of pictures,” said Melissa. “But, it has simply turned into a storage space that is used for things that are supposed to go upstairs. Some items make it upstairs, some just stay lost in the vestibule black hole forever. It’s really frustrating.” The family says it has to be a two-pronged approach. “The first thing we need to do is begin clearing out the current items,” said Patrick. “And then, it is getting the discipline to not continue to place items in the area. And that will be the biggest challenge.” Melissa feels it can be accomplished. “We can do this. Yes, it won’t be fully complete until 2021, but we can do this.”

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