Stapleton Family Patiently Waiting to Receive All Christmas Cards Before Sending Theirs Out

christmas cardSara Halsor has her Christmas cards all ready to send. They include a quick generic “Happy Holidays” note as well as a “sorry this is so late note.” If she wanted to get them out before Christmas, she easily could. She has simply chosen to wait until after Christmas. “What always happens is, we send cards out, and then we get a card from someone we didn’t send a card to,” said Halsor. “Of course, you feel like a dick, and have to scramble to find an extra one somewhere to send them. But, you know they know you’re just reciprocating the card they sent you. That Holiday card tension seems to last longer than the season.” So, this year, the Halsors are just waiting until after the Holidays to send out their cards.

“Who really cares when they get a card anyway, right?” asked Halsor. “I mean, people leave those things taped up until spring anyway. This way it just looks like we’re really busy.” Halsor also says the family is able to avoid other embarrassing situations. “What if we send one to someone who has a friend we aren’t sending to but is sending to us? That friend then sees the card we sent at that person’s house, and now feelings are hurt. The whole thing gets really complicated.” Halsor is hoping not everyone is using her same strategy. “I’m a little worried we aren’t the only ones who have thought of this and are going to end up receiving a slew of cards after the Holidays with nothing to send out. Shit.” Luckily, the Holidays aren’t stressful enough already.

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