Stapleton Family Moves to Colorado Springs to Better Challenge Athletically Gifted Child

olympic training centerStapleton is home to hundreds of extraordinarily gifted children, mostly according to their parents. From genius two year olds, to nine-year old concert ready pianists, Stapleton has a high percentage of special children. Justin Becker is one of these children. Justin is just like any other seven year old in Stapleton. He enjoys video games, playing with friends, and watching movies. But, what makes Justin unique, are his athletic gifts.

“We noticed as early as 16 months that he was not going to be some normal, everyday, run of the mill athlete,” says father John. “He was doing things that I doubt other kids could do at his age, but I’m not quite sure. I never really asked around or anything.” John was a former athlete himself, making third-team All-District Honorable Mention in golf as a senior. According to Justin, John was advanced in about everything he did. But where he really excelled was on the soccer field.

“We would take him to the park, and he would kick that ball,” said Justin’s mother Tessie. “I mean, really kick it. Then run up to it again, and kick it some more. So impressive.” Justin has participated in several different programs, clubs, and leagues, but has been unable to find the right fit. “We would have him in this league or that league and the coaches would tell us that he might not be ready for the ‘A Group’ yet or whatever. We just felt he was playing on a whole different level than what the coaches were able to understand. I mean, these were just local coaches. Not world-level type coaches.”

So, the Beckers decided they needed to make a change to help challenge Justin. “We realized the local programs weren’t giving Justin the challenges he needs,” said John. “We looked around, and the only place we think that can foster his abilities is the Olympic Training Center.” The Beckers plan to move in the next two months after selling their house. After the move, they plan on approaching the US Soccer committee to ask for their help in training their superior athlete.

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