Stapleton Family Makes Disingenuous Promise to “Never Let House Get Like That Again”

Spring CleaningEvery spring, like many households, the McAllister family does a thorough cleaning of their home, removing tens of unneeded items, as well as scrubbing places they only see once a year. The family gets rid of old toys, clothes, and furniture in the unfinished portion of the basement. The process can be grueling, and heart-wrenching. “It’s always tough to see old kids clothing go,” said mother of three Brenda. “Even getting rid of some of the old toys can be hard, but you can’t become a hoarder.” The family seems to stockpile hundreds of small, pointless toys from happy meals as well as “art projects” the kids create. “We just have so much junk,” says dad Steven. “Every year we say we are going to be better about throwing things out or getting rid of things as we go, and it never works out. This year, we are really hoping to do better.”

In fact, after the spring 2016 cleaning, Brenda and Steven sat down with their kids to talk about their goals for the upcoming year. “We sat down to let them know we can’t keep every toy or picture they ever have received or made,” said Steven. “This year, we were really going to do better, and not create such messes in closets, the garage and the basement.” For the kids part, they really didn’t pay attention to the conversation. “I’m pretty sure the reality for them hasn’t set in yet,” said Brenda. “I think it is going to be tough on them as this new household policy is instituted.” Brenda says she plans to make some changes of her own. “Steven and I agreed that moving forward, we have to both agree on an item from Stapleton Swap,” said Brenda. “I really think that will help the clutter as well.” Unfortunately for the McAllisters, even they know the new home policies are half-hearted at best.

After dropping his heads in his hands, Steven helplessly exclaimed, “who are we kidding. We won’t be able to take things from the kids, Brenda’s not going to ask permission from me to buy things. We will probably be in the same place next year.” Next year, Steven hopes the family can just be honest with themselves. “Ideally, we’ll just accept that every year, this is the pain we have to go through. Nothing we can really do about it. Lying about it certainly doesn’t make it go away.” No it doesn’t Steven, no it doesn’t.

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