Stapleton Family Attends Record Nine birthday Parties Over Weekend

Kevin and Cindy McCleary were never out to set any records, and certainly did not want any part of the one they set. “When we received the third invitation to a birthday party on October 20th, we were already dreading our Saturday,” said Cindy. “By the time we received our sixth invitation, our frustration turned to anger.”

The McClearys have two children, Aiden (7) and Madison (5). The family moved to Stapleton one year ago from the Highlands. The challenge they face this early on is getting invited to parties from their old neighborhood as well as parties from their kid’s new friends in Stapleton. Aiden and Madison were each invited to four birthday parties between Saturday and Sunday, and then the family was invited to the first birthday party of some close friend’s baby boy.

“We felt like we had to go to all of them,” said Cindy. “Kevin definitely did not feel the same way, but I tried to explain to him why each one of the parties was important. We could never miss the first birthday party of our friend’s only child. And then the kids had special reasons to want to go to each of the ones they were invited to.”

The McClearys had six of the nine parties on Sunday, including the one year old and three of Madison’s parties and two of Aiden’s parties. Saturday was the light day with just the three, but one was at Monkey Business (Madison), and then one was at Aiden’s friend’s house, and one was at Jump Street. “Including gas, presents, and snacks for driving, we spent well over $250 on the weekend,” said Kevin. “For the sake of everyone else, I hope our record stands a long, long time.

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