Stapleton Drivers Enjoy Final Month Without Speeding Tickets in School Zones

school zoneEach school year the Denver Police Department hands out thousands of speeding tickets to people driving too fast in school zones. “Our priority is to keep the children safe, obviously,” said DPD spokesperson Brad Cavin. “So, during the school year, we of course have a push to give out speeding tickets to those not obeying the posted traffic limits. Slower traffic means safer kids.” Of course, Stapleton has a large number of schools, so speeding tickets in school zones there are more abundant. “We definitely hand out more school zone tickets in Stapleton than any other area of Denver,” said Cavin. “But, obviously, that is just a numbers thing. We aren’t against residents there or anything.”

Residents are trying to get their speeding in now. “It’s really nice in the summer being able to drive around and not be conscience of the speed limit change during certain hours,” said resident Mike Gibbs. “Of course, once school starts, I have to look closely at every sign to see if it says ‘between the hours of.’” Resident Kyle Clark has a similar experience. “Of course I have had a speeding ticket near a school,” says Clark. “I have driven on 35th Ave. before so, yeah, I’ve had a ticket. I love these summers and being able to go to Sam’s club or the dentist without getting a ticket.” Residents are encouraged to remember where Stapleton’s 15 school zones are and to either not drive near them between 8-4, or slow down 15 mph as they approach them.

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One response to “Stapleton Drivers Enjoy Final Month Without Speeding Tickets in School Zones”

  1. robert

    Have you noticed that there are two different school speed zone times for the two westbound signs on 35 th ave.

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