Stapleton Dems and Reps Agree: “Stay at Home Mom” is NOT a Job

Stapleton Democrats and Republicans have long had their feuds, publicly through the Stapleton Moms Yahoo Group, and privately when they steal each other’s yard signs promoting an opposing party’s candidate. For now, both groups have agreed on a détente, and have decided to join forces to wage war on another group: stay at home moms.

“I am sick of stay at home moms getting a pass in life while the rest of us are out working our butts off,” says Stapleton Democrat and working mother of two Julia Gill. “I go to work every day as soon as the nanny gets to our house, and what are these stay at home moms doing? I’m not sure, but it’s definitely not work.”

Stapleton Republican Andrea Reevis agrees. “The title of what they do should give away the fact that they are doing nothing. ‘Stay at home’ pretty much says it all. You sit around the house all day watching soaps. How hard can that be?”

Stapleton stay at home mom’s advocate Sheri Farrell disagrees. “Stay at home moms are responsible for raising kids, feeding them, taking them to their activities, managing the household, setting up play dates, among many other things. And in Stapleton, you have the added pressure of staying super-hot.”

It is uncertain how long the two groups will continue putting their usual squabbles aside to take on similar opponent, but it is certain they will always be able to find common ground when it comes to the “stay at home mom” issue.

*When it comes to women’s issues, The Stapletonion interviews women (unlike congress).

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