Stapleton Dad Realizes Wife Not Using Wizardry to Get Kids Ready for School

mom not using wizardryStapleton dad Ben Kimball is like many other working parents in Stapleton. He gets up early, and is out the door by around seven so he can be at his office by eight. “Sometimes, I get up and go to the gym before work, so leave by 5:30, and then just go straight to the office afterwards,” said Kimball. After Kimball leaves, his wife Tracey gets their kids (9, 7, & 5) ready for school. “There are a lot of things going on,” said Tracey. “Waking them up, keeping them from fighting, sometimes showers or baths, making lunches, making sure they have everything they need in their backpacks, knowing their schedules for afterschool, among many other things. Just one little thing going wrong can easily change the course of the whole morning.”

Last Thursday, Ben decided to stay home from work for the first time in quite some time. While home, he decided to help get the kids ready for their day. “It was a mess,” said Ben. “A couple of the kids were yelling for no reason, then one didn’t want to go to school, another got mad because of what we were packing for lunch. It was just crazy.” Ben had no idea how difficult the morning routine was and how much Tracey was going through every morning. “I guess I thought she used some sort of magic, or wizardry,” said Ben. “But, I guess that is not the case. She must actually have to go through these 175 or so school days without any sort of mystic powers. I don’t know how she does it. It seems like a lot of work, unless that just happened to be the one off day of the kids.” Tracey confirmed she is not using any magic, nor is she a witch. “It just takes sticking to a routine, and fighting the good fight every day. I wish I was a sorcerer,” said Tracey.

Ben says the experience has taught him a lot. “I certainly won’t take that job for granted anymore,” said Ben. “I used to just get in my car, listen to some sports talk radio, and zone out, assuming everything at home was being handled with ease. Now, I am going to try to work from home a little more so I can help, and other days I will try to get things ready such as backpacks, lunches, laying out clothes, etc. Maybe that will help a little with that struggle. But, if I do find out she has the powers of Morgana, I will be back to getting out of that nuthouse as soon as I can.”

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