Stapleton Dad “Probably Worst” Indoor Parent

worst indoor dadStapleton dad Kevin Becker enjoys spending time with his kids. He takes them to parks and pools, takes them hiking, goes to baseball games, and all sorts of other outdoor activities. “It’s just so much more fun to be out of the house,” says Becker. “Being inside causes more messes, stress, and just doesn’t feel as productive. So, the longer I can have the kids outside, the better.” Unfortunately for Becker, temperatures are starting to get colder and days are getting shorter. “It’s really hard right now. They get out of school, and even if it is not too cold, it is dark in about an hour. Not a lot you can do out in the dark, so we have to go inside after just a little while.” And that is where Becker gets stuck.

“What the hell are you supposed to do with kids inside? asks Becker. “I mean, there are some things we can do and still be active inside, but the kids are getting older and bigger so wrestling around or playing sports in the house is getting more challenging.” Becker says he struggles with setting up craft projects. “Painting, and play-dough, colors, and even doing legos can be so messy. Plus, you never know how long they will stick with that stuff. Sometimes, you get it all out and they are suddenly uninterested.” Becker acknowledges he is probably “the worst indoor parent ever” but is unsure he has the capacity to change it. “I’m okay with building forts, I guess. Other than that, I’m pretty damn worthless.”

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