Stapleton Dad Disappointed In Self After Listening to ‘Kidz Bop’ Without Kids in Car

dad listens to kids bopStapleton resident Marc Ortner has two kids, a six year old boy and a four year old girl. The family often listens to music together and the kids enjoy dancing and singing to songs. Although Marc is not a fan of most music that can be found on the radio or music kids find appealing, he of course thinks it is enjoyable to watch his kids sing and dance. “Although the music is not my thing, I definitely enjoy watching the kids dance around,” said Ortner. “They have some really good moves, and it typically distracts me from the crappy music.” The music they listen to is typically a Disney station or the popular collection, ‘Kidz Bop.’ The only time Ortner listens to the kid-friendly music is when he is at home with the kids, or driving with the kids in the car.

On a recent occasion, Ortner was driving around running some errands. He was spacing off, singing along to the radio, enjoying some of the rare time he gets to himself. None of this was unusual for Ortner. What was unusual was that the music he was listening to was the same music he had playing when his kids had recently been in the car. Without knowing it, Ortner had forgotten to change the playlist, and found he was singing along to ‘Kidz Bop’ songs. It was definitely a low point in his life. “It wasn’t like I just turned the car on, sang for two seconds, and changed the tunes,” said Ortner. “I was driving around for at least 10 minutes, and didn’t have a problem with the music at all. Does that mean I actually like that music? Am I really that uncool now? I really don’t know who I am anymore.” Ortner says to avoid future personal embarrassment, he is going to try to make sure he switches the playlist at the end of a trip with the kids while they are in the car. “I mean, imagine if the windows were down. Maybe I am just going through a funk right now. I’m going to go listen to some Modest Mouse to make myself feel cool again.”

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