Stapleton Dad: “I Thought I’d Be a Much Better Parent”

Greg Asbee is the proud parent of a 16 month old girl. He does his best to be a loving, and good parent. However, he is not very impressed with his efforts compared to his original expectations. “I didn’t know how hard this sh#t would be,” exclaimed Greg. “I remember watching people thinking I could do so much better. I was wrong. Dead wrong.”

Greg recalls walking around the neighborhood and watching others interact with their children. He vividly remembers a specific incident he saw at the park. “I was watching this kid throwing a fit because he didn’t want to leave. The parents gave in and said ‘five more minutes.’ I thought, I will never let my kids make the decisions for me.” Now Greg agrees that his baby girl essentially makes all household decisions. “She eats what and when she wants to eat, watches TV when she wants, and even gets to play on my iPhone whenever. I have lost all control.”

For years Greg has watched other people raise their kids and believed he would do so much better. “Why do people let their kids walk on their furniture with their shoes on, why do people let their kids watch those crappy kids shows, why are people letting their kids eat cookies? These are questions I used to ask, but not anymore.”

Greg would love to believe he is going to change and become the parent he thought he would be, but he is realistic. “Nothing is going to change. I think I just get worse from here.”

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One response to “Stapleton Dad: “I Thought I’d Be a Much Better Parent””

  1. Caroline Booboo

    That’s hilarious. But he is right, it does get worse from here.

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