Stapleton Couple Without Kids Almost Sick of Being Asked Why They Don’t Have Kids

couple without kidsAmy and Chad Crosley moved to Stapleton from the Governor’s Park neighborhood about eight months ago. They loved the park space, the design of the homes and neighborhoods, and realized all the things Stapleton had going on made it an up and coming neighborhood. “Things like the train we actually think are really cool,” said Amy. “What a fun and easy way to get downtown. We definitely like to do things in the city, so we plan on using the A-Line a lot.” Chad also appreciated all of the hip restaurants coming in. “We actually toured the Stanley before it opened and thought that was going to be really cool,” said Chad. “Then, with the Eastbridge restaurants coming in, and at some point Punch Bowl, it really makes it a fun neighborhood to be in.” The couple also has enjoyed meeting new neighbors and other people in the community. “There are a lot of fun people here,” said Chad. “I think people who haven’t been here really give Stapleton a bad rap.”

The one thing the couple is beginning to get frustrated with, however, is how many times people ask them if they are going to have kids. “I mean, I guess it’s okay,” said Amy. “But, really, it is kind of a personal question. It’s not that we don’t like kids or even for sure aren’t going to have them. We just haven’t made that final decision as of yet.” Chad is getting close to being annoyed as well. “I suppose it’s not a huge deal, but I wish people would stop asking us,” said Chad. “There was nothing anywhere that said we have to have kids to live here. Maybe we just like living here. And it’s not just from people we have gotten to know well. People we just meet will ask us. That’s starting to get a little frustrating.” Amy and Chad have done a good job thus far deflecting the question. “We just say it’s something we are still considering,” said Amy. “But, of course they keep pressing by saying things like, ‘you two would make wonderful parents.’ Well, maybe, but we will make that final decision.” The couple hopes the questions start to subside. “Maybe as time goes on, people will slow down the questions,” said Chad. “I really hope so, anyway. Because I’m almost sick of being asked those questions.”

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2 responses to “Stapleton Couple Without Kids Almost Sick of Being Asked Why They Don’t Have Kids”

  1. Elisabeth Shippey

    Would love to see a similar column on empty nesters and retired couples living in Stapleton. No, we do not have grandchildren here. That seems to be the criteria for living in Stapleton if you don’t have kids here.

  2. Danielle Bralley

    Hahaha, us too!! I didn’t see it in the paperwork either and I thought I read through thise pretty good…
    Amy & Chad we should hang out-OOO, and start a group for non-parents in the hood!

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