Stapleton Couple Tries to Rid Selves of Unruly Toddler

unruly two year oldBrian Meehan and his wife Mindy are a successful Stapleton couple. He, a dentist, and she, a lawyer aspiring to be a homemaker, have a cute two year old pure bred toddler they “just can’t take care of anymore,” says Brian, the father. “All of our friends had toddlers, so we thought we should get one. We figured we were fit to have one after doing some research on what it takes, so we jumped right in.” Somehow, things took a turn for the worse. The toddler became too much for the couple to handle. Cannon, the toddler, is a cute two year old who acts age appropriately and seems to bring joy to the family. But, as the couple found out, taking care of a toddler is more work than it seems.

“It’s been two years, and he’s still not house-broken,” said Mindy. “I have to change diapers and have to clean up after him constantly. I can’t devote 100% of my attention to him. Honestly, he’s destroying my home and marriage. I didn’t sign up for this and I am completely exhausted.” The Meehans decided they needed to find a solution for their situation. “I believe there is a better home for Cannon,” said Brian. “Unfortunately we just can’t take care of him anymore.”

So far, the Meehan’s have been using social media in their attempts to find Cannon the appropriate home. “We’ve tried to reach out on Next Door, Stapleton Swap, and even Bizz Buzz,” said Mindy. “We haven’t had any response yet, unfortunately.” Brian has been surprised at the lack of response. “I know everyone in Stapleton needs a toddler, but there haven’t been any takers. There are so many toddler parks here, but nobody seems interested. I can’t believe it.”

The Meehan’s have even tried to take Cannon to an animal shelter, but, “they don’t accept toddlers,” said Brian. Jon Andreasen from the local animal shelter met the couple during the process. “We shelter dogs and cats as well as the occasional weirdo ferret couple, but I have never seen couple try to drop off a toddler. We just don’t allow that, nor would we consider it. They seem nice, but they need to realize that we can’t help them.”

The Meehans believe that eventually they will find Cannon the right home. “All his shots are current and the papers are original,” said Mindy. “What we have here is a purebred toddler who would make a family very happy. I know some Stapleton family has a single toddler who needs a companion. We are optimistic.” Like the Meehans, everyone is hoping to find Cannon a loving home.

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