Stapleton Couple Puts Toddler in Bubble to Stave off Illness

At first glance, the Kesti household looks much like any other in Stapleton: 4-bedroom house, detached garage, friendly dog. But then their 18-month-old daughter, Catherine, comes literally bouncing down the stairs, in a plastic bubble designed to keep harmful germs away. “We tried everything, Purell dispensers in every room, even a surgical mask, but she didn’t like wearing it, and just kept getting sick,” explains her exasperated mother, Jenna.

“The kids at her daycare were constantly getting her sick,” explains her father, Kevin. “To think of all those selfish parents, so desperate to go to work, that they’d pawn off their sick children on the school. I came this close to sending a strongly worded email more than a few times.”

The bubble has its pros and cons. On one hand, it doesn’t sink at the pool, but sometimes kids mistake Catherine for a giant pool toy and throw her back and forth. She’s never been hurt at the playground, but possesses an unusual fear of slides and the purple mountains at Central Park. “Bottom line, it works,” proclaims Kevin proudly. Jenna agrees. “We’ve spent much less on children’s medicine, and we never miss work, although potty training has been…a little weird.”

“Will we take her out at some point? Probably, but certainly not until after cold and flu season.”

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