Stapleton Couple Has Entire Fight in Third Person

Couples everywhere have disagreements, argue, and fight. Many of these entanglements are trivial in nature and rarely escalate into relationship-ending discussions. All couples have their own unique style of arguing and fighting. Some prefer the, ‘let’s make sure the neighbors know we are fighting’ method, while others prefer a laid back ‘let’s talk about what we could have done differently’ approach.

When children enter the picture, fighting styles can often change, usually in a feeble attempt to hide the disagreement from the kids. One of these discussions occurred between Darcey and Mike Wiley. “It started out small when I was upset with him because he never takes care of the baby on weekend mornings,” says Darcey. “Our four year old was in the room, so I said, ‘daddy never takes care of the baby on weekends and makes mommy do all the work even though she is tired, too.’”

“I found it very annoying,” said husband Mike. “So, I responded in kind. ‘Maybe daddy would have more energy to take care of the baby if mommy would help daddy a little more during the week.’” It didn’t end there.

“Mommy works her butt off taking care of this family and has no idea what daddy is talking about. Furthermore, daddy maybe would have a little more energy if he wasn’t so lazy and got some exercise every once in a while,” yelled Darcey.

“Daddy has to work long hours as the main provider for this family and daddy would love to have more time for himself, but daddy is too busy keeping a roof over the head of mommy,” said Mike.

The fight continued with no winner until they had to team up to get everyone ready for a birthday party. Mommy and daddy later exchanged apologies and all was forgiven, but not forgotten.

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