Stapleton Couple Everyone Thought Would Get Divorced Finally Getting Divorced

couple finally getting divorcedThe Nielsons have been married for 12 years, and living in Stapleton for nine of those years. Neither would describe the marriage as “happy.” “Almost every day since we got married has been a grind,” said husband Paul. “I am pretty sure she was nagging me on our honeymoon. Sure, we have had some good times. Or at least, I am pretty sure.” Wife Anna agrees. “Quite frankly, we should not have gotten married,” said Anna. “It was one of those things where timing played a part, and I think we both thought we were supposed to do it, but deep down knew we weren’t supposed to do it.”

Friends and neighbors aren’t surprised the Nielsons are getting divorced, they’re surprised it has taken so long. “I mean, we all have struggles,” said friend and neighbor Sandy Halsor. “Except on Facebook, obviously, on Facebook we all have perfect spouses and relationships. Anyway, they didn’t even have the pretend perfect Facebook relationship. In fact, I’m pretty sure they aired dirty laundry on Facebook. It was really awkward.” Many other neighbors have noticed the tension over the years. “When we have neighbors over for parties, we always make sure they’re not in the same room together,” said friend and neighbor Jim Alger. “Otherwise, they can completely ruin a party with their bickering and looking for people to take their side. It was just awful.” Neighbor Jim Weber states what most of their friends believe. “The truth is, they are both great,” said Weber. “Just not great for each other.”

So, after 12 years of matrimonial discontent, the Nielsons are calling it quits. But, they made it much longer than anyone thought they would. “It’s really remarkable,” said Halsor. “I mean, I honestly don’t remember them ever having a positive moment. Nothing.” We all wish the best for Paul and Anna, and hope they can find happiness with someone else. We can just hope they don’t post comments and photos with that special someone immediately on Facebook.

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