Stapleton Couple Best in Denver at Pretending to be Happy

Couple hugging outdoors

Stapleton couple Alicia and Eric Corkery have been together for 15 years, married for 13 of those. “Like every other married couple, it’s a bumpy ride,” said Alicia. “It starts off pretty easy, then you have kids. And no one ever tells you how hard young kids are on a marriage.” Eric also understands the difficulty in keeping a relationship strong when you have kids. “Our kids won’t even let us speak to each other if they’re around,” says Eric. “They say communication is important for any relationship. Well, if my kids are around and I try to talk to Alicia, the kids interrupt immediately. It can be very frustrating.” As challenging as parenthood is to their relationship, the couple has no regrets in having kids. “We love being parents,” says Alicia. “Sure, it’s hard, but we wouldn’t trade that in for anything. You just have to fight through the hard times, and enjoy the fun times you are able to have with each other.” The couple believes most all couples who are married with kids go through the same struggles. However, they feel they excel as a couple in one particular area; pretending they are always really happy.

“We feel it’s really important for everyone to still think of us as the perfect couple they saw on our wedding day,” said Alicia. “We don’t want people to think less of our relationship, so we go the extra mile to make sure people view us as the relationship standard.” Eric says the image is equally important to him. “We almost want it to be a situation where other people are feeling bad about their marriage,” said Eric. “I’ll randomly post something on Facebook about how she’s the greatest mother, partner, and friend a person can have. It always gets lots of ‘likes’ and comments, which makes us feel good. It really makes us feel good to know it is probably causing others to feel bad about their marriage.” The couple is really good with social media, but they make sure they are acting it out in public as well. “I make sure to dote on him when we are with friends, acquaintances, or just out in public,” said Alicia. “I want people thinking, ‘oh my gosh. They are so in love. Why can’t that be us?’ Obviously, we aren’t any happier than any other sane couple with kids, but we are just fantastic at pretending we are.” The couple does get time away from their kids, and they are eager to take advantage of that time by posting pictures of themselves on social media. “When we go out to dinner, we spend at least 40% of our time getting just the right photos of ourselves, and then we post them to Facebook and Instagram,” said Alicia. “Another 20% of our time is spent checking out the ‘likes’ and comments on those photos. Another 20% of the time is spent discussing if we think the kids are okay, and the final 20% of the time we are genuinely enjoying each other’s company.”

Eric says not every couple has the ability to make everyone think they are really happy. “First of all, it’s a lot of hard work,” says Eric. “If it was easy, everyone would do it. But, the reality is, you have to have some narcissism in both parties. Sure, a lot of times you will have one person who is narcissistic, but to truly appear happy, you need to both have it. And most couples just don’t.” Alicia says another key factor in convincing people you are in a blessed relationship is energy. “It takes a lot of vitality to do this day in and day out,” says Alicia. “Your commitment to pretending you are happy has to be bigger than your commitment to each other. And Eric and I have that. And I truly respect him for his commitment to pretending we are happy, and I know he respects the same out of me.” The couple says there is no timetable on how long they will put their effort in pretending they’re Stapleton’s happiest couple, but they’re not looking to slow things down. “We’re really happy with our pretend relationship,” says Eric. “Our real life one is okay too, but we really enjoy being a big part of our fake relationship.” However, I think most people would prefer the couple ends the fake relationship and just keeps the real one going.

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