Stapleton Business Update

Stapleton Business UpdateThe Stapletonion will periodically provide updates on new businesses coming to Stapleton as well as how certain business districts are developing. If you have information on new businesses or updates on current districts, please email us that information at

Eastbridge Town Center
A group of over 150 Eastbridge residents is taking it upon themselves to create somewhat of a town center in Eastbridge. The group plans on mowing the weeds and then will create a giant make-shift patio in a fenced in area which will serve as a beer garden. There will be picnic table seating with umbrellas and port-a-pottys. It will be a BYOB environment, and the group will ask for donations simply to cover their costs. “This is really going to be something,” says leader of the group Jon Strassburg. “And when I say something, I mean in the literal sense. At least it is going to be something.” The group will have rotating food trucks provide food daily from 10AM through 9PM. Strrassburg says it has no right to do anything to the land there, but believes through his understanding of property law, that the property has been abandoned, and therefore, can be claimed. “If Forest City isn’t going to do anything with it, we will. It is our way of giving Forest City the finger.” Strassburg says the group plans to have the garden open by late spring.

Northfield Shopping District
Business continues to boom in Northfield, provided you are a movie theatre or your business is named “Target.” Other businesses struggle or come and go, as Forest City continues contemplating turning the area into an outlet mall. The newest update from Northfield is that a third car wash is coming to Stapleton. If you tried to wash your car over the weekend, you may feel a third car wash is needed. However, do other urban neighborhoods have this many car washes in just a few square miles? Are Stapleton residents really that obsessed with clean cars? My guess is we could live without it, but if they are willing to pay for the real estate, Forest City is certainly willing to give them the space. Maybe Forest City is trying to tell Stapleton residents something. Kind of like when you buy your spouse a gym membership. Maybe they think we have dirty cars. As excited as I am for this car wash, I’m more excited to see where they are going to put the fourth car wash.

29th Ave. Town Center
The 29th Ave Town Center has some sad news to report as local business Naturally Loved will be moving to Park Hill. Naturally Loved is a very appreciated local business and we are sure people will continue to support them at their new Park Hill location. We have not done any digging into this, but we are pretty certain Forest City’s high lease prices had nothing to do with the move. On a positive note, a new restaurant is coming to Stapleton in Four Friends Kitchen. The restaurant plans to offer breakfast, lunch, and brunch with a Southern theme. The restaurant plans to open this fall, provided Forest City doesn’t change its mind and use the space for a car wash.

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