Stapleton Bronco Fan Forced to Pay Attention to Family Now that Football Season is Over

Super Bowl XLVIII - Seattle Seahawks v Denver BroncosStapleton resident and Bronco fan Josh Gibbs is having a hard time adjusting to reality. Not just the reality that his Broncos were defeated in the Super Bowl, but the reality that he has an entire family living with him that he must now learn to interact with. “You know, I have kind of been out of it for the last five months,” said Gibbs. “Between going to work and looking up Bronco stats on the internet and coming home and watching ESPN News and the NFL Network, I haven’t had a lot of time to speak to my family.”

Josh has a wife (Tara) and two kids, Charlie (3) and Annabelle (1). “We understand Josh has been really busy with the Broncos the last five months,” said wife Tara. “We have been able to figure things out here at the house without him, and we know how important the Broncos are to him.” Josh hasn’t been completely emotionally absent during the season. “He would let us come down to the basement when the games were on,” said Tara. “And sometimes during commercials, he would play with the kids. So, that was always really special for them.”

This week, Josh has slowly been re-acclimating himself to the daily rigors of his household. “This week, I took Charlie to his pre-school class,” said Josh. “I am so happy to see that he is in school. I am not sure when he started, but it looks like they have the right learning tools for him.” Tara is happy to have the help. “It is great having him around again,” said Tara. “Now, during football season, we do have a nanny that comes 15-20 hours a week, so I get some help. But, there is just something special about having your spouse help out with the kids.”

Josh says he plans to continue to be a die-hard Broncos fan, but is trying to figure out a way to be more involved in his families’ lives. “One thing I have thought about doing is filming little clips of myself giving the kids life-lessons,” said Josh. “I would film them in the summer when the kids were in bed, when football season starts, they could go watch them and would feel as if I was still spending time with them. That is probably just as good or better than me spending time with them anyway.”

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