Stapleton Boot Camp to Prepare Couples for Children

The transition from having no children to having a child can be very challenging for many couples. There is the obvious lack of sleep, the feeling of having no idea of what you are doing, and of course, the terrible new burden of responsibility that you have never previously felt.

Couples try to prepare for this transition through talking with other parents, going online, and reading books like What to Expect When You’re Expecting. All of these are somewhat helpful in preparing people for parenthood, but there is still a big gap between preparation and reality. The new boot camp, Baby Prep Boot Camp (, helps fill the physical, emotional, and mental gaps that other resources aren’t providing.

“We realized that the old adage, ‘no one is ever ready for a baby,’ is completely true,” says owner Kaela Galiardi. “We have tried to put couples through some new activities to help them for this big life change.

Couples are asked on their honor to go through a three week period where they have to wake up every three hours, and then perform some simple tasks while staying awake for 45 minutes, such as heating up a cup of water, and then putting together a simple puzzle. Other challenges during the class include holding a 20 pound weight two feet off to your side to emulate carrying a car seat, lots of wrist and forearm exercises for picking up the baby, and plenty of core exercise for bending over and picking things up.

“We think this will make a huge difference in parents’ mental and physical preparation,” says Galiardi. “For some that aren’t pregnant yet, it also may steer them away from having children altogether.” For more information and to register for Baby Prep Boot Camp, go to

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