Stapleton Block Agrees New Neighbors Much too Nice

nice neighborsThe majority of people who move to Stapleton are coming here for the long haul or at least until their kids graduate from high school. But of course, there is some turnover, and that turnover on a block or neighborhood can be positive or negative. Sometimes the new guys on the block are an upgrade from the old neighbors and are cooler and more fun. Other times, cool neighbors move, and the new family who moves in is rude or even obnoxious. These are the most common things that happen when someone moves away and a new family moves in. But there is one more thing that can happen. The new neighbors can simply be too nice for the block. They can be cool and fun, but simply too good of people for their surrounding neighbors.

“We have these new neighbors, and they are really great,” says Stapleton resident “Nate” who preferred to not be correctly identified. “The problem is, they are just great people. And historically, that’s just not what this block is about.” Block companion “Sandy” agrees. “They go to church, do charity events, bring everyone on the block baked goods. I mean just everything. They end up making the rest of us feel bad about who we are.”

“Jennifer,” also on the block, says her hood typically spends their time drinking and having meaningless conversation. “We used to have a lot of harmless gossip on the block,” says “Jennifer.” “But now, we feel so bad about ourselves because of the new neighbors, we just don’t have as much fun. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, I’m just saying it has really changed the dynamic.” The block knows it is something they will have to work through. “We would never ask that they change,” says “Nate.” “What we are hoping is that we get to some point where we can be who we are and know we are for sure not being judged.” “Jennifer” agrees. “It would be nice if they showed some flaws, imperfections. It would make us feel a little better about how bad we are as people. Until then, we will have to keep pretending we are at least half as good of people as they are, and that is just a lot of work.”

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