Stapleton 4 School to Officially be Named Stapleton 4

In an effort to lessen confusion by adding another name to yet another Stapleton school, the community is overwhelmingly supporting simply keeping the name as is: Stapleton 4. It has yet to be decided whether or not “4” will be spelled out or in numeric fashion, however, the name of the school has been finalized. “We were happy to see the community get behind this,” said SUN President Mike Victoria. “I think people were worried that there would be more controversy in figuring out something new, so sticking with this just seemed like the right move.”

Stapleton 4 is expected to hire a Principal in the next month. “We are very excited to have Stapleton 4 so close to us,” said Eastbridge resident Jen Hodges. “We were promised a school when we first moved here seven years ago, and now to finally be getting Stapleton 4 is extremely exciting for our family and others in the community.” Of course, Jen does understand that her children may not get into Stapleton 4 under the current enrollment situation. “We would be very disappointed to not get into Stapleton 4 since we only live three blocks away. Stapleton 4 is definitely our first choice.”

Stapleton 4 is expected to continue the list of strong Stapleton schools. “Who wouldn’t want to say they worked at Stapleton 4,” asks Victoria. “It is going to be a great situation for the entire community, especially those whom will be able to take advantage of everything Stapleton 4 will be able to offer.”

DPS School Board member Andrew Chickerneo understands why the Stapleton community is so excited about Stapleton 4. “Stapletonians are a lot like iPhone users. They believe that if they don’t have the latest version, they are missing out on something. Well, Stapleton 4 is essentially the new iPhone, so it is creating quite the buzz.” The first school year for Stapleton 4 will be the 2013-14 school year, and construction on the final facility should be ready for the 2014-15 year. The Stapletonion has agreed to facilitate the potential mascot name for Stapleton 4, so please email recommendations to and we will post them in an upcoming issue.

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