“Stanley Stop” Put in at Clinton and 26th

Stanley StopWith the “Shortcut to Stanley” opening soon to help drivers get a more direct route to Stanley, pedestrians and cyclists are now getting a boost from the city with the addition of the “Stanley Stop.” The newly added stop sign on Clinton and 26th adds a much needed crossing area for people to get on the Stanley hill and head over to the Stanley. “We ride our bikes there all the time,” said Eastbridge resident Justin Yagla. “That is always the intersection where we cross, but sometimes it can be a little dicey. So, getting a stop sign there is going to make our trek to get great food, beer, ice cream, and going shopping that much easier.”

Dawn Lighthall is equally pleased with the addition of the stop sign. “It’s not like we were waiting 10 minutes to cross,” said Lighthall. “It’s just a safety issue. Having the sign there makes me more comfortable with the number of families and kids going to Stanley.” Residents outside of the southern neighborhoods are hoping it encourages more people in those neighborhoods to walk or ride. “Whatever it takes to get more open parking spots at Stanley,” says Conservatory Green resident Scott Barnum. “We love going over there but sometimes have an issue with parking. Hopefully those spoiled lazy-asses on the south side will just ride their bikes or walk from now on to open some spots for us north siders.” It appears the community is willing to support any project that will help get them more quickly and safely to Stanley.

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