Sprouts Announcement Rains on Soopers Honeymoon

soopers parade rained onLess than a week after the Eastbridge Soopers opened its doors, another big announcement was made. Sprout’s Farmer’s Market is planning on opening a 30,000 square foot space in the 3500 block of Central Park Blvd. as part of the Transit Oriented Development (TOD). The plan is to open as soon as the fall of 2018. Stapleton residents were overjoyed at the announcement, many of whom took to the streets in the North Central Park Neighborhood to celebrate. “What a great day for our community,” said resident Eric Dunn. “We have been asking for this for so long, and Forest City had continually told us it couldn’t be done. This is just incredible.” A tearful Mariel Taylor exclaimed, “an organic grocer is coming here! An organic grocer is coming here. This is amazing!” The announcement came on the heels of the opening of the Eastbridge Soopers and at least for a moment, shifted excitement and momentum away from the store opening. “I’m glad there is an Eastbridge store which is supposed to be better,” said Laura Victoria. “But we’re talking about a Sprouts. This is a much bigger deal comparatively.”

Even Soopers spokesperson Kaela Gordon was annoyed by the timing of the announcement. “We hadn’t even been open for two weeks,” said Gordon. “But Sprouts and Forest City thought this was good timing? It’s like standing up to tell your friends and family you are engaged and then a minute later your younger, better looking, and more well liked sister stands up and makes the same announcement. People quickly forget about what you just said.” Regardless of how the Soopers folks feel, Stapleton residents look forward to the Sprout’s opening. “Stapleton has seen so many great things,” said Angie Gray. “Train openings, The Stanley, new schools…and now to finally get a natural grocer. It’s really great for the community.”

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2 responses to “Sprouts Announcement Rains on Soopers Honeymoon”

  1. Chuck Montera

    Now that Sprouts is owned by Amazon, I can look forward to my groceries being stolen off my front porch just like all the other things I order.

  2. Mathew

    Surprised David Cameron is so happy about the news. Wayne Rooney on the other hand loves Sprouts.

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