Letter from the Editor: Speed Bump or Motocross Ramp? Residents Struggle with New East MLK Obstacle

What the hell is that bump on the bridge on East MLK? Is it a speed bump very poorly placed? Did the constant patrolling and speed traps not slow people down? Please tell me this was simply a road construction error that will be fixed.

Was it placed there to help spill people’s drinks? Is it there so that kids can scream “whoa!” every time they go over it? Are we creating a getaway for the Duke boys? Are we adding another place for skateboarders to practice their moves? Is there a car race coming this SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!? Maybe we are preparing for a revival of the Joie Chitwood Thrill Show?

If I was a builder or a real estate agent in Stapleton I would really hate this thing. Who is going to want to live in East Stapleton if every time they go anywhere they have to drive over that thing. Maybe this is a distraction for residents to stop thinking about unfinished parks, no town center, and no school in Eastbridge. If so, well done. Very, very well done.

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