Soopers Grand Opening: Kroger CEO Individually Apologizes to Eastbridge Residents as They Enter Store

Kroger CEO apologizesEastbridge residents finally have the grocery store they were promised ten years ago. Less than a month ago, King newSoopers opened its doors in Eastbridge and residents were welcomed by Kroger CEO Rodney McMullen. McMullen was there to give a positive boost and hopes to rebuild the image King Soopers has come to have in Stapleton. More than anything, he was there to apologize. “I thought it was important that a top level person such as myself was there to let the residents know we are truly sorry for what we have put them through,” said McMullen. “We know it has been a very rough several years of us blocking other stores from coming in, delaying the project ourselves, and then just having to deal with the Quebec Soopers. I mean, I have been there myself twice, and let me tell you…just not an overall positive experience. We really want to get some positive momentum going and keep it going.”

McMullen stood for over four hours, shaking hands and listening to built-up frustration over years from residents. “I think it was nice for residents to get things off their chest, and to finally get a heart-felt apology,” said McMullen. Residents appreciated the gesture, but feel there is still work to do. “It did mean something that he took the time to say sorry and wish us the best,” said Eastbridge resident Timothy Shaffer. “Now, we still need to see how high of quality the store stays and if they keep his promises.” Steve Kimball was happy with what he has seen so far. “Of course, its brand new, so was cleaner,” said Kimball. “It also seemed like they had more organic options, and I even liked the layout. So far so good.” Jennifer Morgan also has given the new Soopers a positive initial review. “I definitely like what I am seeing,” said Morgan. “It looks like they put thought into it and really gave a damn about the customers. Much different than the other store.”

Customers even commented on the overall layout of the area. “It’s nice to have the wide parking lanes,” said Chris Gaies. “They didn’t just pack in spots. It’s actually easy to get around the parking lot, and I’m sure the lot will be much less accident-prone. Heck, it’s even easy to get gas, a car wash, then head right over to the store. Amazing what a little effort can do.” And that little effort by McMullen is making a big difference.

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