Snowstorm Blasts Stapleton, but School Presses On

Two weeks ago, Stapleton was hammered by a massive snowstorm, or at least what people in Denver consider a massive snowstorm. There were several inches of snow on the ground plus “snowy-like” conditions.

Snow in Denver causes a lot of chaos, including but not limited to: worse than normal driving, cancellations of events, early closures of restaurants, and even worse, closures of liquor stores.

Typically, the Denver Public School system is not immune to these closures. However, for some reason, this last winter storm did not cause any school cancellations, which shocked Stapleton residents. “I could not believe it when I found out school was still on,” said Krista Hendricks. “I mean, I feel like they cancel for any reason possible. Suffice it to say, I was extremely happy with their decision.”

The news was very surprising to Stapleton residents who have grown accustomed to school cancellations which cause several challenges on the home front. Parents must try to arrange daycare, call in sick themselves, or tell the boss they will be “working from home.” Working from home is a nice option, however when Denver students already get so many full and half days off, extra days like snow days tend to frustrate peoples’ bosses.

Denver Public Schools Superintendent Tom Boasberg had this to say. “One of the things we are working on is trying to limit the number of snow days. What ends up happening is that the days do not get made up on the back end due to vacations that are planned for right when school gets out. Plus, the teachers pretty much stop trying by May.” Sorry, kids, looks your extra days off just got reduced by 30%.

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