Siri Tells Stapleton Child Santa Claus Isn’t Real

siriIn an unfortunate incident sure to emotionally scar seven year old Stapleton girl Alexis Miller, Miller found out through her mom’s iPhone that Santa is not real. “I always let her play with my phone to keep her busy when we are out eating, or if I’m driving, or busy at home,” said Alexis’ mom Kate. “She has seen me use the Siri function before, but I never thought she knew how to get to it, or would ever ask such a damning question. But, she did, and I guess I have to deal with it from here.” Apparently, Alexis specifically asked Siri if Santa was real. According to Kate, Siri said, “no, Santa is not real. However, global warming is.” Kate thought the comments from Siri were meant to soften the blow. “I don’t think Siri is programmed to lie, so it tried to throw some random misdirection in there. Unfortunately, it didn’t take.”

Kate said that her Alexis is really struggling with the enormity of the situation. “At first, she just wondered if she was going to get Christmas presents this year,” said Kate. “But, now, she is just questioning everything we ever told her. Even worse is that she has a little sister, and then friends at school. So, we are trying to tell her to not say anything or lie to other kids. It’s been really hard around our house. I’m hoping we can just fast forward passed this to when she is 13. I’m sure that will be much easier.” Kate says she learned a pretty valuable lesson through the ordeal. “I guess I should have been there for her instead of trusting my phone,” said Kate. “My advice to others is to not let your kids play on your iPhone, or probably any of your other personal electronic devices. Maybe something this traumatic won’t happen, but it’s just not worth the risk.”

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