“Shortcut to Stanley” Opening Soon

dayton-stIf you have been frustrated with the limited number of routes to drive to Stanley, you can look forward to a direct route very soon. Dayton Way will soon connect 26th Ave. to 25th Ave., making an almost direct route to the Stanley Marketplace. “It’s very exciting,” said resident Brock Beener. “It’s been tough having to go down to Fulton. It just seems like you are going way out of your way to get there. This could cut down maybe two minutes of the drive there.” Resident Stacy Roberts agrees. “There are times we have opted not to go because of the thought of having to go all the way down to Fulton,” said Roberts. “Plus, it’s a few extra blocks of having to be in Aurora, which no one wants.”

Some residents wonder if the space could have been used more wisely. “I love Stanley as much as anyone,” said resident Lisa Harper. “But I don’t think a half mile extra driving is that big of a deal. I would prefer to keep the green space.” Matt Gill also wishes the space would have been used in another manner. “Why not just have an open area of flat, green grass?” asked Gill. “Is that too much to ask? We don’t need a playground or a hill or a trail, just give us people without a yard another place to go do stuff.” Dayton Way looks to open in the next couple of weeks. The new road does come with wide sidewalks on either side for those who need a little extra biking room on their way home from Cheluna.

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2 responses to ““Shortcut to Stanley” Opening Soon”

  1. Ethan

    “Plus, it’s a few extra blocks of having to be in Aurora, which no one wants.”

  2. Ethan

    That statement is wrong.

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