‘Shortcut to Stanley’ Opening Delayed as Long as Opening of Stanley

shortcut to stanley opening delayedEastbridge residents and really anyone heading to Stanley have noticed the ‘shortcut to Stanley’ completely finished for quite some time now. It has appeared totally serviceable since early summer, but somehow, here we are in late fall and the road is still closed. And it appears for no reason. “We drive by it every day on the way to school,” said Kevin Gerber. “Aside from the street naming issue everything seems entirely usable. I have no idea what the holdup is. But, it’s really frustrating seeing a perfectly good street just sit there that could be getting us to Stanley quicker, and of course, Amina.”

The delays to the opening of the Stanley have long been forgiven and forgotten. Now, residents have turned their attention to the postponement of the opening of Dayton St. (or Emporia St., depending on what side you are taking). “Why can I not drive straight through to the Stanley?” questioned Katie Deam. “It makes no sense. I know I could drive on that road. At least let me know what’s slowing this up.” Some rumors are circulating as to what the issue could be. “I heard something about having a hard time connecting when the Aurora and Denver Mayors could be there,” said Alan Gaies. “Since it is connecting Aurora and Denver, they both want to be there, but they can’t find a time on the calendar that works for both of them.” Another rumor going around is the potential of making it a toll road . “I heard Aurora is considering making it a toll road if you are a Denver resident,” said Adam Colburn. “Something about being payback for all the things Stapleton put Aurora residents through back in the day, before we all had to get to Aurora to go to Stanley.” At this point, no one really knows why the road isn’t open. Hopefully, when it finally opens, it will be worth the wait. Like the Stanley was.

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