Shopper Running Through King Soopers Not in Hurry; Just Hates Soopers

person running in SoopersLuke Gibbons was furiously racing through King Soopers as many have done before in a hurry to get something to bring home for dinner or grab something for a party they had previously forgotten. The difference in Gibbons case was that he wasn’t late for anything, nor was anyone waiting on him somewhere for a particular item. “I just hate that damn place,” said Gibbons. “I almost get sick to my stomach being in there. So, when I have to go, I run. Every time.” Gibbons says it’s hard to point to just one thing that bothers him about the Quebec Soopers. “Seems like they are out of what I am looking for, it is always crowded, the produce seems to go bad by the time I get home…I could really go on and on.”

Gibbons says he looks forward to trying the new Eastbridge Soopers. “I’m hoping it has a whole different vibe,” said Gibbons. “I’m looking forward to walking through it the first time. I will have to gauge how that experience is as to whether I will walk it again, or if I will continue my sprint workouts at yet another King Soopers.” Although Gibbons says he is usually sore the day after he goes to Soopers, there are some benefits to getting through the store quickly. “I never pick up any unnecessary items,” said Gibbons. “I know my list, and I can’t afford to slow down or grab unnecessary items.” If you see Gibbons running through the store, don’t be alarmed, but more importantly, don’t try to talk to him. He’s on a mission. A mission to get the hell out of King Soopers.

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One response to “Shopper Running Through King Soopers Not in Hurry; Just Hates Soopers”

  1. Suzanne Burdick

    I agree – worst King Soopers ever. Very bad vibes

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