Sand Creek Trail Goes All the Way to Aurora

Recently while on a run, resident Brandon Litton decided to take a different route to enjoy some of Colorado’s most beautiful scenery.  He chose the popular Sand Creek Trail.  While enjoying his run, Brandon came upon a sign that somewhat shocked him.  “I was carefully looking at the signs to make sure I didn’t get lost on the way back, and one of the signs said ‘Welcome to Aurora.’  I didn’t know that I had been running that long, but clearly, I had to have gone 8 or 9 miles.”  After some brief investigating, this publication has learned that Sand Creek Trail, in fact, does go all the way to Aurora.  Estimates vary on how far away Aurora is on the route, but it is somewhere between 6 and 14 miles.  “Sure, it was different,” mentioned Brandon.  “There were teenagers making out on bridges, people fishing in a creek, and I also saw what appeared to be a lot of lost construction workers.”  The Stapleton MCA plans to put out information on the trail, and help educate residents on how to react to this diverse portion of the trail.  “First of all, most of our residents have never seen a teenager,” mentioned Stapleton MCA President Josh Runyan.  “We want to teach them how to react of they see these strange beings wandering around.  We are also looking into getting a more pre-emptive sign down there, such as “Aurora:  Two Miles.”  Residents are encouraged to run and bike on the beautiful Sand Creek Trail, but are asked to make sure they are properly educated and equipped.

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