RTD Downs DOC in Contest to Make Havana Exit More Annoying

rtd annoying driversThe testing of the new Light Rail at Havana and Smith Road has many wishing for the good ol’ days when a trip down Havana meant enjoying the scenic views of not one, but two correctional facilities while waiting your turn at a lengthy four-way stop. Now we get to enjoy those sights even longer as some lucky commuters with unfortunate timing get stuck at a stoplight for nearly 10 minutes at a clip while they test the new high-speed trains.

RTD spokesperson, Tina Jaquez, said, “We saw other entities doing what they could to inconvenience, frustrate, and enrage the public. Construction, a prison, a jail, and a 7-11 always full of the recently incarcerated satisfying their craving for a Big Gulp and a pack of smokes – the bar was set pretty high. So we just asked ourselves – what could we do to chip in and do our part? The answer came pretty easily to us once we really put our minds to it,” said Jaquez.

“A lot of people ask why it’s necessary to stop traffic for 10 minutes when it takes only about 30 seconds for the trains to pass through the area,” he continued. “What we’re asking ourselves is whether a mere 10 minutes is really even enough of a delay. That’s the kind of initiative we’re bringing to the table and we’re excited to see if CDOT and the DOC rise to the challenge,” remarked Jaquez.

When asked for a response to this call to action, CDOT spokesperson, Stacey Stegman, replied, “Well, if commuters wish to avoid that intersection then they will generally make their way down to Central Park Blvd where they can enjoy the delays caused by dozens and dozens of 18-wheelers clogging traffic as they are forced to exit I-70 on Central Park due to the Havana closure, so we see this as a big win-win,” said Stegman.

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