Results from November SUN Survey

In November, SUN conducted a survey which mostly asked questions about Stapleton 4, the new elementary, but also included a token question about 711 being able to offer 3.2 beer. Here are the results to that survey:

What are your opinions on the 3.2 beer license application by the incoming 711?

  • 46%: I didn’t know there was another 711 coming in here
  • 27%: I guess I am confused as to why I care what the 711 is going to offer
  • 13%: Strongly oppose it. I think it might bring poor people too close to our community.
  • 9%: 3.2 or not, I don’t mind picking up a quick 40 oz. every now and then.
  • 5%: Other

What most influences your decision to put your child into Stapleton 4?

  • 73%: Programming. Has to be the programming. I’m just messing with you, it’s the location.
  • 11%: Because I am not a liar, I will tell you it’s the location.
  • 11%: Leadership and administration, but mostly the location.
  • 5%: Other

Which math curriculum would you prefer Stapleton 4 use?

  • 45%: Because I don’t know what any of these methods mean necessarily, I will just trust that the people that went to school to make these decisions will make the best decision.
  • 29%: Singapore Math. It sounds like the smartest, don’t you think?
  • 13%: Everyday math. The odds of my kids ever having to do math in Singapore is pretty low.
  • 11%: I only have daughters, so I strongly prefer no math.
  • 2%: Other

Which type of programming would you most like to see at Stapleton 4?

  • 44%: Really good programming. I mean, I want top notch programming.
  • 35%: Above average programming would be great. But, I’ll take average if my kid can easily walk or bike to school.
  • 13%: Decent programming. I don’t want my kid to outsmart me too soon.
  • 7%: Just lots of gym class and recess. I know I always liked that. Throw everything out, and just have gym and recess.
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