Residents of Different Religions Come Together to Judge Non-Stapletonians

Portrait of happy teenage friends sitting and chatting in cafe

Portrait of happy teenage friends sitting and chatting in cafe

The Holiday Season is a great time in the neighborhood, as people of different religious backgrounds come together as one. Whether you are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, agnostic, or an atheist, Stapletonians welcome you with open arms. That is, as long as you are a Stapletonian. “This is the time of year when we need to set aside our differences and understand, we’re all Stapletonians,” said resident Susanna Cox. “Let’s stick together and make sure we are judging everyone else who’s not a Stapletonian. That’s really what this community is about.” Paul Doyle agrees. “Here in Stapleton, backgrounds don’t matter,” said Doyle. “It’s not about race, religion, or anything else. It’s just about being a Stapletonian. Everything else means nothing.”

Some Stapletonians still recall the times when they were embarrassed to tell people they were from Stapleton. “It used to be you didn’t tell people you were from here,” said Luke Johnson. “You would say you were from here, and people would roll their eyes at you. But, not anymore. Now, we say it and kind of look down on everyone else. It really feels great, and has added to the comradery of the community.” Residents often have get togethers and talk about their disapproval of outside communities. “We really hit people in the suburbs hard,” said Amy McCall. “I mean, if you’re from a suburb down south, we’re totally mocking you behind your back. We are sooo much better than you.” Other residents say much of the mocking comes from home values. “When you’re from Stapleton, you just have a really high home value,” said Lisa Rudee. “Most of these other neighborhoods, they just can’t compete with us.” In Stapleton, it’s the Holidays all year long. Peace and harmony inside the bubble.

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