Residents Make Contingency Plan in Case of Foreclosure

Sprinkled throughout the well-planned Forrest City neighborhood of Stapleton, you will find several motor homes and RVs.  At first glance you may assume that these are the vehicles of visitors from out of town.  You may even think your neighbor is planning to retire early and drive cross-country exploring our great nation, ala Sarah Palin.  But these scenarios are rarely the case.  “I purchased my motor home in 2008 when the economy went bad,” says motor home owner and Stapleton resident Steven Thill.  “I figured if they take my house, I will grab everything I have, throw it in the motor home, and will continue to live in this great community.”

The motor home trend did not start in Stapleton, nor did it start in Green Valley Ranch, which is commonly believed.  The trend actually became popular in Missouri in the 70’s during rough economic times.  People in Missouri became accustomed to living in these vehicles, or trailers, which is why almost everyone in Missouri outside of Kansas City and St. Louis lives in one today.

“It makes a lot of sense,” says Brad Haugen.  “Maybe one day we will use it for its real purpose, but right now, it is like having a giant, gorgeous, tangible insurance policy that I can see every morning.”

Not everyone likes having the homes in the community.  “I think they are obnoxious, and really an eye sore,” says Crystal Titus.  “There has to be something against this in the HOA, right?”

Considering the current economy, RVs and campers look to become more popular.

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