Residents Angry They Too Can Get Speeding Tickets

When Danny Bolsom was headed down MLK Blvd. going 48 miles per hour, he thought nothing of it. The speed limit is 35 on MLK, but Danny had the same assumption as most other Stapleton residents: the speed limit is for non-residents. Danny was shocked when he saw a police car in his rearview mirror, lights flashing, siren blaring. Danny pulled over still thinking that he would show his Stapleton license, and would get out of the ticket. But it wasn’t to be.  Danny tried to explain to the officer that he lived in Stapleton, but it did not sway the officer away from giving Danny a ticket.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Danny.  “I have a 4-runner, and car seats. I had no idea I could get a ticket. I thought those were for Aurora residents passing through.” Police sergeant Bob Closson explains that laws apply to everyone, even Stapleton residents. “Yes, we have in the past ignored Stapleton residents breaking the law, whether it be speeding, walking around with open alcohol containers, or shooting off fireworks. However, new policy is to go after all law-breakers the same.”

Stapleton residents are not happy.  “I don’t think it is fair at all,” says North Central Park resident Jay Llewellyn. “We get enough Aurora people driving through here, officers can still make their quota.”

Although residents feel the new police policy is unfair, they will begin to be much more aware of the laws now. “The fact that I can no longer speed down 26th Ave. while shooting fireworks at prairie dogs is depressing,” says Bolsom.  “But I guess it is just the state of our community now.”

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