Resident Thinks Neighbor is “a Big Dick” for Already Putting up Christmas Lights

A Stapleton resident who asked to remain anonymous is furious with his neighbor who put his Christmas lights up immediately Friday morning, calling him among other things, “a big dick.” “Seriously, Friday morning?” questioned the resident. “As soon as I saw that stuff going up, I knew my weekend was fried. Can’t he wait at least a week and let people enjoy a weekend of football and relaxation. I am so pissed.”

The resident was mostly angry due to the fact that his wife was immediately on his case to put the lights up when she saw the neighbor putting up their lights. “My wife was telling me that if he could find time to do it, so could I. The worst thing is that the neighbor and I are not good enough friends where I could tell him to cut that crap out. It is probably worth becoming friends with him just so I don’t have to deal with it next year.”

The resident is happy that the Christmas lights are up and he is done with it, but is still upset with his neighbor. “It was a beautiful weekend that I was forced to spend getting crap out of the basement and putting up just so my wife could tell me to do it a different way. I really hope that he changes things next year, because right now, our relationship is at a breaking point. I would have rather had him sleep with my wife.”

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