Resident Starts “Stapleton Grumbles” Facebook Site

stapleton-grumbles-web-siteStapleton continues to add social media sites to help residents navigate the Stapleton landscape and understand what is going on in the community. There of course is the popular Stapleton Swap site, the Big Tent site, Next Door, Stapleton Community Watch, and many, many others. The different sites have spawned off of the original Stapleton social media site The Grape Vine, which served as a catch all for everything Stapleton. Instead of having one place where residents would randomly post things, people now know to go to a specific Stapleton site to find what they are looking for. “I have been here since the Grape Vine was around,” said resident Kyle Sovran. “It was okay, but just too overwhelming. Everything was there. People selling, buying, crime questions, complaints about Forest City, complaints about neighbors, and on and on. So I think it has been really helpful to have these other sites filtered out so you know where to go to find Stapleton information.

One thing that had yet to be created until recently was a central site for Stapleton residents totally dedicated to bitching about all things Stapleton. “I noticed that all these other sites were still getting random complaints or bitching that didn’t necessarily fit with the site,” said Sovran. “People would even address the fact that ‘they weren’t sure if it was the right place to complain about this, but…’ I wanted to create a Stapleton site where people can just go and complain free of worrying about whether it was the right spot or not. Because it is. Just go to the site and unload.” Sovran says the site is called “Stapleton Grumbles” and there is no limits as to what people can complain about. “If you want to criticize how DPS is handling the Northfield High School, or the delay of the Eastbridge Soopers, or simply want to air grievances with neighbors, this is the place to do it.”

Sovran says the goal isn’t to cause animosity between people or have people get into feuds over disagreements over issues affecting Stapleton. “The biggest thing we are trying to accomplish is removing any of the unnecessary and misplaced complaining from the other Stapleton social media sites,” says Sovran. “Of course a secondary benefit to the site will be entertainment. I think a lot of people will go to the site just to see the arguments people are having.” The site is up and running and people can simply go to “Stapleton Grumbles” to discuss ANY grievances they have within the community. Let’s just keep the complaints off the rest of the sites.

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